30 september 2020

Transitieteam: BredaPhoto

Wekelijks geeft Micha Wertheim berichten van het Transitieteam door aan de lezers van de Volkskrant

The Transitieteam wishes to voice its concerns over all the work that is being displayed at this year’s BredaPhoto. As an anonymous group of creatives, curators, artists and optometrists we have never been to Breda and have no intention of ever visiting BredaPhoto 2020. We are, however, very disappointed and shocked by the fact that BredaPhoto has chosen not to exhibit photos of everyone and everything around the entire world.

We find this to be deeply problematic and undemocratic. There are over seven billion people in the world who all deserve to have their picture taken and put on display at BredaPhoto 2020. Each day, over a hundred million photos are uploaded on Instagram alone. There are over a gazillion trillion quadrillion objects, plants, animals, insects and landscapes in the world that all deserve to be represented.

We have not been to BredaPhoto 2020, but the math tells us that it is physically impossible for the organisation to print and display a gazillion trillion quadrillion and seven billion foto’s of everything in order to guarantee everybody and everything equal representation. By not including all these photos and objects, BredaPhoto has proven to be both elitist and undemocratic. Excluding the already marginalised and disenfranchised. We are beyond disappointed and disgusted by the fact that BredaPhoto 2020 has such contempt for almost everything on the entire planet.

What do we suggest?

1) That BredaPhoto removes all photos from its exhibition and website.

2) That the city of Breda removes all evidence that BredaPhoto ever existed.

3) That the city of Breda is removed from the map.

4) That all maps with the city of Breda are removed from books and the internet.

We do not wish to discuss our demands with PhotoBreda, because we find language to be a deeply problematic tool unfit for any form of communication.

We do, however, believe that any discussion on art, equality and representation should take place in English. We are convinced that people who don’t speak English have no right to be part of our inclusive and democratic Transition.

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